Sunday, January 18, 2009

Any Day Now!

Okay, this is what a very pregnant and near miserable woman looks like. Most women who are where I'm at are already at the hospital doped up on pain meds. So why am I still at home being tortured from the inside? I don't know. I guess the Lord feels that a few more days of excersising my faith and patience is in order.

Anyway, even with however uncomfortable and painful things may be right now, I know that the end result will be worth it and so I wait along with all of you, anxiously of course.

PS: If she doesn't come on her own I'll be induced at the end of the week. Yeah!!!


Allison said...

I am sure that people like me drive you nuts, but I actually like being pregnant, so you get no sympathy from me. :) Love you, good luck!

Michelle Campbell said...

I was laughing before I started reading. You are hilarious. You are adorable pregnant too. I can't wait to see this sweet baby. Are you delivering at Delima or Sienna?

I loved the swollen feet post. too true! I hated that. I even wore just socks to church a couple times, cause I was sick of not fitting into my shoes. haha. Love it!