Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let It Snow!

IT's snowing in VEGAS! Can you believe it? I love it! I feel like we're actually having a winter this year. Well here are some pics to prove it.

I'm so glad when Daddy is Home!

The boys are ecstatic! Brad is done with school for about 4 weeks and you'd think it wouldn't be a big deal. But the boys can't seem to get enough of him. I'm glad they appreciate having him around and can tell the difference.

PS. Brad got all A's and B's this semester, even in his business law class. Good job, Honey!

the Value of Work

We had a cord of firewood delivered and you would have thought it was already Christmas morning. The boys couldn't wait to get their hands on it. So, Papa put them to work. They sure are learning alot from the men in their lives and I'm grateful for the awesome examples they have to follow.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ready, Set, Christmas!!!

Here we go! As you can see we're all geared up for Christmas. The boys could hardly wait to put up and decorate the tree. Jake tried several times to get us motivated before we were really ready.

Then it finally came time and this year was more fun than the last. The boys are finally getting to where they get "it". It's nice to be able to do these things without as much chaos as in the past.

Anyway, the tree is up, the lights are on, and now there are just songs to sing, and a little baking to do. I love it.

Enjoy the pictures and Happy Holidays!!!


Okay, I'm officially a slacker! But being 81/2 months prego, I think I have a pretty good excuse. Anyway, this is the only pic I took at Thanksgiving. We were cleaning the house for my baby shower, when Carla went outside to clean the sliding door the boys jumped in to do the inside. The funny thing is that they would do their hand right along with hers in unison. It was really cute.

There are lots of pics from the shower but I don't have them yet. So, hang in there!