Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Day

Could it get any worse?

Today went from bad to worse. I keep wondering what else is going to happen. We started out okay. I got up early so I could get to church early to set up my Sharing Time activity. Just about the time I was ready to leave Brad had locked the bedroom door to keep the boys out, then he came out of the room and closed the door. So we all were locked out. And of course it's the one door we can't get open from the outside without a key! So I yell to my Dad for help, having never dealt with this kind of situation, I hoped he could get us out of it quickly; but no, he could not. So he proceeded to start taking the window out so we could put one of the boys through it and open the door. Brad stayed behind with Brent and Jake because his clothes were in the locked bedroom and he didn't think it would be right to show up at church in his garments.

Well at this point I grabbed Teegan and left for church. (Thankfully all my lesson and sharing time stuff was in the laundry room.)

When we got to Primary Teegan had an accident in his pants so Brad (who finally made it to church) took him home and Brent ended up giving Teegan's talk. Then by the time they were ready for me to present my sharing time acitvity I only had 5 minutes to give a 20-30 minute presentation.

And now we're onto class where I spent most the time reminding one of my girls that we don't kick the walls in Heavenly Father's house. I'm suprised I got the lesson taught and the other kids actually payed attention enough to remember what I was teaching.

Finally church was over and I came home to find that the window broke in the fiasco of trying to get into the bedroom and I had sheets to change and some mess to vacuum up. Which isn't done yet and it's 6:30.

Then I was in the bedroom for ten minutes and the boys were playing quietly, or so I thought. Jake had come in the room and was messing around so I sent him out while I finished checking my email from Carla (she left for a month out on a carrier). What I didn't notice was that he had taken a huge garbage bad full of paper shreds out of my room and spread it all over the family room. I did manage to clean it up with grin.

I think if I don't laugh about what a "Murphy" day I have had I might cry.

So I hope you get a laugh out of My Day. I sure have.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Teegan's prep

Today was a big day for Teegan. He graduated from preschool. What a year it's been with him. I wasn't sure we would ever make it this far. But after alot of prayer and hard work on his teachers part we made it. We are really proud of him and the progress he made; the teachers even told us how much they loved him and how fun he was for them. They also said that of all their students this year he had come the furthest. From where he started to today he was the most improved. So there is hope, and all we have to figure out now is how to get him to sit still and that his hands don't always have to be moving.
Now we look forward to Kindergarten and I have already warned Brent's teacher that he's coming her way. We requested that Teegan get her too. She's great and I think she'll be able to harness all that energy.
Enjoy the pics and video. We get a good laugh out of them. Especially the one where Teegan is trying to catch the tassle in his mouth.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

When Mom's Away She Likes To Play

Well, Brad and my Dad were nice enough to take on the boys for the weekend and let me go with Laura to California to visit Carla and work on her scrapbooking project. As you can see in the pictures we came fully armed each with our own arsenal of goodies.
I found Jamba. I scared my sisters to death when I screamed Jamba from the back seat. But I was really excited; I hadn't had a Jamba juice since we moved to Vegas 3 yrs. ago.
Between the scrapbooking all day Saturday and the Hot Tub each night I was one happy little mama. I even stopped thinking/worrying about what was going on at home for just a little while.
All in all the weekend was a success.
Thanks to all those who were a part of a great memory.



Brent has lost his first two teeth. Both in the front on the bottom. He was so excited that he actually asked me to pull them both (one at a time, a few weeks apart). I think he just likes knowing that the Tooth Fairy will be coming for a visit.