Thursday, August 20, 2009


We have had a busy summer or atleast I have. Just keeping everyone happy is a full time job. We finally took a much needed break and headed to Utah for some family time. We started with a visit from Grams, she came down from Idaho to spend a day with us and meet her newest great-grandbaby (Kayla). I think we may have gotten her hooked on Jenga. The next day we took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point after we finished there Gma and Gpa took the kids back to Ogden for a movie night. Brad and I got some alone time and went to one of our favorite restaurants (Tuscanos) where I tried Buffalo steak (yummy), then we enjoyed a movie (GI Joe)as well. On Saturday Gma and I had a little girl time and found a store full of girlie dresses and hair bows, it was fun to indulge in a little froo-froo for a few minutes. In the evening Kabi and Dave arrived from their vacation in the Northwest and we had a BBQ to celebrate Brad's bday. Sunday we went to church and enjoyed the rest of the day visiting with Kabi and Dave, and Gma and Gpa. We also enjoyed the fighter jets flying over the house everyday, playing games, and the much cooler weather.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kayla Crawls

Hello, all! Just a short post to announce that Kayla is officially crawling. She usually only does it when she's in a hurry to get somewhere, but I imagine it won't take long for it to become her preffered mode of travel. I've posted a video to share, it's a little dark, but I hope you enjoy it.