Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Town

It's Halloween time again already. And we've been having a good time. The boys enjoyed the annual trunk or treat and their school parties. All they really care about is how much of their candy can they eat. Teegan keeps asking for more because he's still hungary; I just have to laugh and explain that candy does NOT make a meal. Anyway, I've included a video and a few pictures for you to enjoy. Have a great BOO day!

Sad Loss

We got a phone call this morning that my Uncle Gene passed away last night after a freak accident. We're really going to miss him. He was a gentle, hard working, kind, and generous man. The world is worse off with him gone. All our prayers are with Ann Marie and the kids and we wish we could be there with them. We'll always remember him in the best way.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Allow me to brag for a moment.

Yeah Me!
I'm very proud of myself today. I've been stuggling, trying to find leashes, not for my kids, but for pacifiers. I had a couple for the boys but lately I've been looking and haven't found any that would work with most pacifiers (except the Mam ones). Anyway, in my frustration I got to thinking, "to heck with it, I'll figure out how to make some". So I set out to the craft store. And after a little trial and some ugliness, presto! I have pacifier leashes. Check them out! Cute, huh? I think so and now I also have a great baby gift whenever I need one.
Now, I just have to figure out a cute way to add a bow or something. I have a few ideas but would love some suggestions too. I'm also on the hunt for a better clip. Ebay has a couple of options but I haven't narrowed it down yet. Okay I'm done!
Also, if any of you want one or two let me know they are really easy and take very little time.