Saturday, March 6, 2010

About Time

This post is about time and how most of us no longer have any to even keep up with fairly simple things, like my blog.
We seem to be just keeping our heads above water these days. The holidays stormed past in a whirl and then suddenly Brent turned 8 and shortly after was Kayla's 1st birthday.
Because of Brent's 8th birthday we were all able to enjoy seeing him be baptized and confirmed. It was such a special moment, and we are so proud of him.
Brad has started his final semester at UNLV and has started the process of looking for interships and will shortly begin the job hunt. We are really looking forward to this new journey and we're sure we will learn a lot along the way. He was also given a new calling as the ward financial clerk.
I was released as RS chorister and am still enjoying being part of the activities committee.
Even with as busy as we are we try to keep enjoying those precious few moments of time when we can just be together and have family time. Nothing is better that being together and laughing together and loving each other.
We're looking forward to spring, we've started a garden and now have about 100 ladybugs as pets. Jake keeps asking when we can put the pool up and go swimming. As the weather warms, so do our spirits. And we're ready to take on some adventure.
Enjoy the pictures.