Sunday, March 29, 2009

Month 2

Well we've hit the 8 week mark and everything is progressing just as is should be.
Kayla is thriving and changing everyday. We love getting her to smile and try everyday to get a laugh from her. I guess she's not quite there yet. She's hit the 12 pound mark and is really begining to know who each of us are. She loves it when the boys lay next to her and talk or make funny faces. She can stare at them for minutes on end.
We've also discovered she loves music. The other night she sang along to Stevie Wonder performing on American Idol. However, she hasn't revealed her pick for this season, she's keeping that one to herself for now.
She still has her big blue eyes as you can see in the following pictures. She also has curly hair when she gets out of the bath.


Cathy said...

She is so cute. We have been anxiously awaiting more pictures! Thanks for posting some. :-) We love you.

Jessica Hughes said...

She is so cute! I love the pictures and the postings! Maybe I should start watching American Idol, haha! Glad to see your family is doing great! I love ya!