Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Month 1

It's hard to believe it has been a month since we brought little Kayla Jo home. The first couple of weeks were great; with help from Grandma we started out just cruisin'. Then Grandma went home and reflux set in and the next 2 weeks were pretty difficult. I hadn't experienced it with the boys and I thought she would never stop screaming. Then at her check up the doctor said a word that is now music to my ears, "ZANTAC". Thank goodness for zantanc. I can finally put her down for more than two minutes and get a few things done. We're still playing catch up this week but everyone is doing much better now that she is feeling better.
Okay here are the numbers. She has gained 2 pounds and has grown 1 inch. Her eyes are still blue and we're hoping they stay that way. She is doing well by all accounts. She even gave me her first smile and is spending a little more time awake every day. She loves watching the ceiling fans and her brothers go in circles.
Thanks to all who have listened and for all the well wishing. Here are some more pics for all to enjoy.


Allison said...

Even though I have 3 of my own, I am still so amazed at how quick babies grow and change! She has such big beautiful eyes. She is so cute that I am getting just a little but baby hungry when I think about her.

zazu and mufassa said...

So beautiful!! Love those eyes!

Carla said...

K time for more pic's. My email is down right now but will let you know when it is back. It is crazy right now but doing good. Love you all.