Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let It Snow!

IT's snowing in VEGAS! Can you believe it? I love it! I feel like we're actually having a winter this year. Well here are some pics to prove it.


Michelle Campbell said...

Incredible, huh? IT'S CRAZY!! :) Atleast I know why I live here now. I loved watching the snow and playing in it for a short while and it is beautiful! But after driving in it last night and feeling my feet and hands freeze i was ready for it to start melting. haha. :) I wish it would stay on the grass and hills, but off the streets. :) It was totally fun to watch the kids have a total blast in it! they even built snowmen and had snowball fights... not very often you can that here. :)haha. your kids looked like they had a blast. I loved the video... I was laughing when he got ya in the ear. haha.

Cathy said...

We just love your blog. You are so creative! We still have your present, we thought we would stop by tomorrow and give it to you. We love you. Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy