Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vacation Part 2, Day 3

Okay, this was our final full day in Cannon Beach. We left around 10am and drove to Tillamook. We are all big fans of their cheese. When we arrived there we took another family picture then buddied up and headed in to see the cheese. It was fun to watch the ladies slice and package 12inx12in blocks of cheese into the many forms we see in the store every day. Then we had the pleasure of sampling their goods and went a little crazy buying cheese. We also took the opportunity to have and ice cream before heading back to Cannon Beach.

When we returned Brad watched the boys while I headed into town to visit the quilt shop and walk around town for a little quiet time. Then I picked up the family and we went into town for dinner. It began to get stormy and cold again so we headed back to the hotel and started to get things wrapped up so we could be ready to leave for home the next morning. And of course I took the opprotunity to take a few more pictures.

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Wayne said...

Wow, long time no see. Glad to see all is going well with you Amanda....