Thursday, May 1, 2008

When Mom's Away She Likes To Play

Well, Brad and my Dad were nice enough to take on the boys for the weekend and let me go with Laura to California to visit Carla and work on her scrapbooking project. As you can see in the pictures we came fully armed each with our own arsenal of goodies.
I found Jamba. I scared my sisters to death when I screamed Jamba from the back seat. But I was really excited; I hadn't had a Jamba juice since we moved to Vegas 3 yrs. ago.
Between the scrapbooking all day Saturday and the Hot Tub each night I was one happy little mama. I even stopped thinking/worrying about what was going on at home for just a little while.
All in all the weekend was a success.
Thanks to all those who were a part of a great memory.


Cathy said...

How fun! Take care!

Aunt Cathy

campbellz3 said...

Isn't there a Jamba on Windmill and Pebble near the Deseret book store? I've been gone 4 years, so it might be gone. We were happy to find a Jamba juice in New York City when we visited there because there isn't a Jamba in MD.