Sunday, November 11, 2007


Okay, who would have thought that an airshow could be so awesome. Yesterday was Aviation Nation at Nellis Air Force Base. Papa, Mom, and the boys set out early to get a good seat. We watched 3 different eras of war planes demonstrate what they could do. There was also 1 Heliocopter demo. Then the Thunderbirds.

Mom had never seen them fly upclose before. WOW! I really loved the part where one came up behind the crowd and scared everyone. It had me ducking and diving for the boys and had Brent and Jake crying. Teegan loved it too.

Teegan and Mom also dropped by the Navy booth in honor of Aunt Carla. It was also nice to see complete strangers come up and thank Papa for his service in Vietnam. He wore his Vietnam vet hat which was a giveaway, he really should be proud.
We ate hot dogs, french fries, pretzels, frozen smoothies, kettle corn, and drank soda.
We also ended up sunburned and hot. No one expected it to be 85 degrees and sunny.
Everyone had a great time and we hope to go again next year and see more of the boothes and get more close to some of the planes.

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